lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Caligo chaser free

Caligo Chaser, a beat 'em up style slash and dash action RPG at your fingertips
Free Version! BEST slash n dash action RPG with horizontal scrolling to break free from the restricted screen size.
Compatible with QWERTY keyboards!!
Save Emporion from the dark forces with up to 135 skill upgrades combinations.
Customize your character with a specialized look by mixing your equipments.

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Other exciting games are available, too!
*Critic's Quote*
5 Star Review: Best game I played for ages!
5 Star Review: I already played Zenonia, and Zenonia 3, now I am HUGE fan of this game!
5 Star Review: coolest fun RPG in the market!
5 Star Review: Top Spiel , suchtfaktor enorm.
5 Star Review: The more time you put into playing this game, the more addicting it gets!
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