miércoles, 18 de diciembre de 2013

RPG Machine Knight

For the world, and for its sin, a young man meets betrayal and friendship beyond the “gate”!
An authentic free-to-play RPG!

* This game features some IAP content, such as powerful items and extra dungeons. While they require additional fees, you can play through the end of the game without it.


Through the excesses of science, a “black sun” was created, leading to energy shortages. The world faced a certain doom.
After tremendous effort, scientists discovered a chance to save their world by acquiring an unknown energy source in another world beyond the “gate."
The mission to research the new world fell to a young scientist named Frain, in Schutzheim. He threw his body into the “gate” alone.
The other world was filled with nature and mystery, things he had never seen.
But what really awaited him was treachery and betrayal, by his own world.
People were trampled by machine soldiers, chasers were everywhere, and monsters stood in every avenue of escape…
Despite these hardships, though, he found new companions who trusted and supported him.
Another-world adventure fantasy RPG on an overwhelming scale!

Adventure and deception, stretching into another world!

For the sake of his world, a young man named Frain traveled to another. However he was betrayed by his own people.
Threatened by his own world, oppressed in the new world where he was trapped, lonely and hurt. But two heroines reached out their hands to this young man, and the story went on.
What’s is the truth behind the betrayal? Can Frain return to his world? What will happen between Frain and the two heroines?
The adventure of betrayal and friendship will start, with great feeling and deception.

Dot art work in a warm atmosphere

Dot art work in expressive characters and monsters give the game a warm atmosphere 
Another world beyond the “gate” is colored with dot art work.

A challenging game system

This game system is filled with challenging elements, including the “Machina Board” system through which you can learn various jobs and skills, creating weapons by collecting materials, playing various sub quests, and challenging extra dungeons, as well as the main story!

Who will you choose between the two heroines?

Bell and Aulin are the two heroines who reach out their hands to the young man Frain.
The generous sister Bell and the cheerful, spirited Aulin.
During the adventure, these two heroines show their different personalities.
Which one will you choose?

Your use of the application constitutes your acceptance of the following EULA:

[Supported OS Versions]
- 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
[Supported Screens]
- HVGA (320x480) and above
[Xperia(TM) PLAY]
- Xperia PLAY Optimized
[SD Card Storage]
- Enabled
[Supported Languages]
- Japanese, English
[Non-Supported Devices]
- HT-03A(OS1.6), LYNX(OS1.6), IS01(OS1.6), 003Z(OS2.2)
(This app has generally been tested to work on almost all mobile device distributed in Japan. Other devices are not guaranteed to be compatible.)

miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Dark Avenger

The premiere of the best Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game !
We introduce the new class : The Sorceress !
1. New Class : The Sorceress
-The Great Enchantress joins our heroes in the dark!
-Formula new strategies along with the Templar , Slayer , Berserker and to defeat the evil !
Two . Next Generation Graphics
-Superb graphics in 3D and HD !
-Different view modes added for dynamic gameplay !
Three . Band Chief : Strategy Battle Unions
-Up to 4 players can play simultaneously on Raid Boss mode !
-Different types of rewards will be given depending on the contribution of damage !
-Test your strength against the new bosses!
April . New PvP Battle of 3:3
-Do not Wait ! Users can enter the 3:3 PvP battle at any time !
-Accumulate the numbers of victories / defeats and annihilations / deaths for the weekly ranking !
-Compete in exciting new maps !
May . Infinite Tower : The Game Never Ends
-Every week playing against the best players around the world !
-Reach the top floor and become the greatest warrior !
-Defeat the bosses new event that appear on certain floors !
6. 18 vs . 1: The Last Action Game
-With the help of the automatic pointing players will experience the best gameplay!
-Uses skills to eliminate enemies with style!
-New improved system auto aim for maximum gameplay experience !
7. new Updates
-New game mode will be added !
-Defeat the bosses in the new Raid Boss and make new strategies on how the Death Match !
-New levels / weapons / armor / items will be added !


Price revision on Diamonds.

Kindly take note that due to the changes made by the App Store in Japan on Oct 18th, Prices of Diamonds for Japanese Yen on iOS and Android has been revised.

Hunt powerful Dragons and Godbeasts! Monster Blade is an exciting 3D monster slaying action game set in a beautiful and lush world. Hunt together with your friends and thousands of players online, customize your hero's equipment and defeat the Legendary Dragons of Monster Blade!


The rising power of the Godbeasts has destroyed the balance of the Elemental Plains, plunging our lands into chaos and darkness. The world of Nayria is in grave peril.

Hero, only you can save us!


Take up arms with powerful equipment. Prepare to face the legendary Godbeasts in epic battles!

Be absorbed into the thrill of the hunt by executing perfect moves and triggering powerful combo and counter attacks.



★ Gorgeous HD Visuals

★ Epic Battles with powerful Monsters and Dragons

★ Call upon your Friends to help you in battle and turn the tides in your favor

★ Customize your Hero with over 400 unique Weapons & Armor

★ Collect Weapon & Armor Sets to unlock secret abilities

★ Gain the power of the Godbeasts - Transform into powerful Monsters and use their special attacks

★ Challenge others in the Leaderboard and win special rewards




Follow us on Twitter @MonsterBlade


■ Android 2.3 or above is required.

■ Monster Blade is completely free to play, but some items in the game can be purchased for real money. Please disable in-app purchases on your device if you do not want to use this feature.

■ Internet connection is required to play.


SEED3 Heroes in time


★ Introduction of Game
Third volume of Seed Series (Seed 3) with record of 1 million downloads all over the world has 
been released. Mikhail, a new hero, appears. The story begins from Mashima Kingdom existing 
at the opposite side of Khalikuf continent whish was the central place for volume 1 & 2.
 It depends on your choice and decision whether the hero, Makhail, can fight on against his fate.
★ Characteristics of Game
1. 4 distinctive occupations system
4 kinds of distinctive occupations such as knight, warrior, archer and wizard can be selected and
 a unique combat system per occupation can be experienced.
2. Excellent feeling of blow and action
5 kinds of buff skills and more than 24 kinds of attack and defense skills can be used, and the
 splendid presentation of each skill offers a lively compulsive viewing combat even for a moment.
 The new conceptual runaway mode is an important technique to attempt a dramatic reversal.
3. Various game systems
By realizing various game systems such as naval combat, arena, dragon race, etc., it satisfies the
 user’s various requirements and doubles the fun of game with getting out of the repeated monster
4. Various types of quests
By pursuing variety in the composition of quests such as subjugation of monster, collection, 
transfer, protection major NPC, guard, rescue, naval combat, battle with invading into the ship, 
strengthening of equipment, etc., it is composed in order for the user to feel a new fun as the 
user repeat the game.
5. More advanced clothing system
The unique clothes are provided for each of all equipment items, so the appearance of character
 is changed according to the item to be worn. Try to create your own beautiful character with the 
more advanced clothing system.
6. Possible to continue game by three rounds
It is possible to enjoy plays by three rounds with succession of the ability values and items after 
ending a game.
7. Network storage and trading
Try to deposit items or trade them with other users through network in the system menu.
8. Strange Dungeon
It can be entered through NPC of arena manager in the village and high level of equipment 
can be obtained.