miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013

Dark Avenger

The premiere of the best Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game !
We introduce the new class : The Sorceress !
1. New Class : The Sorceress
-The Great Enchantress joins our heroes in the dark!
-Formula new strategies along with the Templar , Slayer , Berserker and to defeat the evil !
Two . Next Generation Graphics
-Superb graphics in 3D and HD !
-Different view modes added for dynamic gameplay !
Three . Band Chief : Strategy Battle Unions
-Up to 4 players can play simultaneously on Raid Boss mode !
-Different types of rewards will be given depending on the contribution of damage !
-Test your strength against the new bosses!
April . New PvP Battle of 3:3
-Do not Wait ! Users can enter the 3:3 PvP battle at any time !
-Accumulate the numbers of victories / defeats and annihilations / deaths for the weekly ranking !
-Compete in exciting new maps !
May . Infinite Tower : The Game Never Ends
-Every week playing against the best players around the world !
-Reach the top floor and become the greatest warrior !
-Defeat the bosses new event that appear on certain floors !
6. 18 vs . 1: The Last Action Game
-With the help of the automatic pointing players will experience the best gameplay!
-Uses skills to eliminate enemies with style!
-New improved system auto aim for maximum gameplay experience !
7. new Updates
-New game mode will be added !
-Defeat the bosses in the new Raid Boss and make new strategies on how the Death Match !
-New levels / weapons / armor / items will be added !

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